Catching Up on Movie Reviews: July 2002 – November 2002

I arrived in Japan in mid-June of 2002.  I saw my first film in early July.  I just love movies, and even though they cost twice as much in Japan as they do back in Canada, I still want to see as many as I can.  Because my Internet access has been somewhat limited over the past few months, I haven’t been able to keep doing movie reviews as much as I liked to.  So now, we’re playing catch-up.  These are all the films I’ve seen from July through November.  Hopefully, starting with this, movie reviews can become a regular feature on the site again.  In case you’re curious, the actual order in which I saw these films is: Men in Black II, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Pokémon 5, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Signs, and Minority Report.  The order I wrote the reviews in, however, is the order in which I remembered them.

And for those new to my movie reviews, a quick review of my patented Nib system.  It’s a simple 4-point system.  One nib means it’s crap, four means it’s one hell of a cool movie.  So, please, enjoy the reviews!

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The Last Canadian $10

Chaos in Print

Author’s Note: While the events outlined in this story actually did happen, and while these events did lead me to have three phone conversations with Whither, I feel I must point out that that roughly 90% of the contents of these conversations have been fabricated so as to properly tell my tale. It’s what you call “dramatic license,” folks.

The place: Vancouver International Airport
The time: Mid-June, 2002

Ring, ring
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Slurp n Burp

Chaos in Print
It’s Sunday night. I had a very filling dinner of ramen and curry, but when 9 o’clock rolled around, I was starting to feel hungry. Since it’s just a 5-minute walk away, I went to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. Japanese McDonald’s are amazing places. Firstly, they sell hot dogs. Only here, they call them “frank burgers.” Secondly, don’t want to buy the happy meal to get the toy? Well, you can get it from a vending machine next to the front counter. And all the different hamburgers! There’s the “Mac Star,” which is like a bacon double cheeseburger. There’s the “Bacon and Lettuce Burger,” and that name is pretty self-explanatory. There’s the Teriyaki McBurger, which is a pork patty smothered in teriyaki sauce, and right now, they’re serving this burger with a fried egg on it. Well, not a real fried egg. That imitation fried egg thing that they make Egg McMuffins out of. When my coworkers hear of this fascination, they fear that I’m getting all culture shocked. One of the signs apparently is eating a hell of lot at McDonald’s. But I’m not culture shocked. I just love fast food.
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Midnight Ramblings XXI

Chaos in Print

Author’s Note: Your planet, welcome! Here’s the dealie. I watch a lot of TV and make a lot of observations about pop culture. Normally, I e-mail these observations to friends, but every once in a while, I compile these observations and rants into a column. And here’s the latest installment!

Hey Neelix!

Wow! First midnight rambling from Japan! I’ve been trying to keep up to date on movie news and stuff while I’m over here, but for the most part, I’ve been distracted. My main distraction today has come from the classic video game Need For Speed II: SE. You know, I’ve had that game for at least two years, but today I finally figured out, “Hey! If I play this game on knockout mode and win, I unlock tracks! If I play this game in tournament mode and win, I unlock cars!” So, by sitting and playing it all afternoon, I’ve unlocked one track and two cars. I love the track I’ve unlocked. It takes you racing through a Hollywood back-lot. There’s something surreal about racing Ferraris down the Death Star Trench.
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Chaos in Print

Back in university, nothing made me happier than doing my radio show. One hour a week, I’d get behind the microphone, speak my mind and play my favorite tunes. I originally concocted the name Chaos In A Box for my show. It was my weekly slice of heaven. But, there has been one lasting effect of that show on my life. Whenever I buy a new CD, I quite often find myself thinking, “I can’t wait to play this on the show!” But, there is no more show. It’s just me. But I’m still filled with the desire to share the latest tunes I’ve uncovered. This can be as simple as cranking up the stereo loud enough for the neighbors to hear. At its most severe, I sat down at my parents’ new computer and used their burner to make a mixed CD for Chuck and L. I just want to share my songs.
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