Catching Up on Movie Reviews: July 2002 – November 2002

I arrived in Japan in mid-June of 2002.  I saw my first film in early July.  I just love movies, and even though they cost twice as much in Japan as they do back in Canada, I still want to see as many as I can.  Because my Internet access has been somewhat limited over the past few months, I haven’t been able to keep doing movie reviews as much as I liked to.  So now, we’re playing catch-up.  These are all the films I’ve seen from July through November.  Hopefully, starting with this, movie reviews can become a regular feature on the site again.  In case you’re curious, the actual order in which I saw these films is: Men in Black II, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Pokémon 5, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Signs, and Minority Report.  The order I wrote the reviews in, however, is the order in which I remembered them.

And for those new to my movie reviews, a quick review of my patented Nib system.  It’s a simple 4-point system.  One nib means it’s crap, four means it’s one hell of a cool movie.  So, please, enjoy the reviews!

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