Greetings, people of the world!  I am your ever-loving webmaster the Scarecrow!  And welcome to this, my little corner of the web.

My real name is Mark Cappis.  I launched this website way back 1997 to promote my college radio show.  It’s now grown into this lovely little leviathan that I need to remember to feed.  Let me show you around.

U62: The Targ

U62: The Targ is my podcast.  Launched in 2006, a year after I’d graduated from broadcast school and growing frustrated at searching for that first radio gig.  So, with the encouragement of one of my broadcast school professors, I launched a podcast, largely with the attitude “I’m starting my own radio station!  With hookers and blackjack!”  Now, it gives me an outlet for things I can’t do on conventional radio, such as 10-minute rants about whatever comic book I’m currently reading.

Movie Reviews

In 1998, I watched the legendary film critic Roger Ebert on a talk show when he was asked if he had any advice for anyone who wanted to be a film critic.  Mr. Ebert said, “My advice is the same for those who want to be writers:  just always be writing.”  He then went on to extoll the virtues of the Internet and how it was giving voice to a new generation of film critics.  I thought, “I have a website.  I like movies.  Why don’t I write reviews for my website?”  And here we are, many years later, and I still write reviews.

Midnight Ramblings

In 2003, my computer crashed.  Wanting to maintain my web presence, I opened a Blogger account.  It has grown into this other little leviathan, but I feed it a lot more regularly.  It really has replaced my original blog.

Chaos in Print: The Further Adventures of the Scarecrow

My original blog.  Going back to its murky origins as my opinion column in my college paper in 1997.  In 1999, after graduation and looking for a creative outlet, I said, “I still have my website.  Why not keep doing the opinion column online?”  And a blog was born.  Shut down in 2006.  The podcast pretty much replaced it.

Social Networks

And of course, in this day and age, you’ll find me in many other places online.

Facebook:  Chaos in a Box

Twitter:  @chaosinabox

YouTube:  The Chaos in a Box Channel

Instagram:  @chaosinabox

Soundcloud:  Mark Cappis

Google Plus:  Mark Cappis


by Mark Cappis