Chaos in Print

Back in university, nothing made me happier than doing my radio show. One hour a week, I’d get behind the microphone, speak my mind and play my favorite tunes. I originally concocted the name Chaos In A Box for my show. It was my weekly slice of heaven. But, there has been one lasting effect of that show on my life. Whenever I buy a new CD, I quite often find myself thinking, “I can’t wait to play this on the show!” But, there is no more show. It’s just me. But I’m still filled with the desire to share the latest tunes I’ve uncovered. This can be as simple as cranking up the stereo loud enough for the neighbors to hear. At its most severe, I sat down at my parents’ new computer and used their burner to make a mixed CD for Chuck and L. I just want to share my songs.
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