Alternate Cinema: The Movies They Made Me Watch

Chaos in Print

“It’s nothing but a bunch of black and white films about gay cowboys eating pudding.” — Eric Cartman’s view of independent films, from an episode of South Park

As already mentioned, most of my time spent out on the west coast was spent in front of the TV, watching the wide variety of independent and art films that Chuck and L felt I just had to see. Well, I shouldn’t put the sarcastic slant on “had.” Some of them I had been dying to see for a while myself. Since such a significant part of my trip was spent watching these films, I thought that I should do mini-reviews of all of them! I’ll be using my patented Nib scale, 1 being the worst, 4 being the best. So then, without further ado, let’s get to the movies they made me watch when I could have been taking in the Vancouver Night Life!
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