Notes and Neurosis

Chaos in Print

Chuck and I had just stepped off of the bus at the Coquitlam transfer station. Our day at Science World had come to a close, and we were shocked and dismayed that we had missed the last bus to L’s neighborhood. Chuck went to call L to come pick us up, and I was left alone with my thoughts. It had been a good day. I took a deep breath, and the chill of the night air stung my nostrils. I looked towards the sky, and through the orange halo that seems to hover over all cities, I could just make out the stars. Night in this city seemed to have a magical quality to it. I could hear the murmurs of my fellow bus passengers as I stood by myself, trying to look local. I was starting to feel like I belonged. I was starting to feel like a local. Then, Chuck returned from the payphone, and I was plunged into the most worrisome 24 hours of my life.
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