The Voyage Home

Chaos in Print

For my final night in Coquitlam, I was relegated to the basement “suite” occupied by Chuck and L. L’s aunt had come visiting from out-of-town, and I decided to do the gentlemanly thing and give up the spare room. In my own, somewhat twisted way, I had been looking forward to this night. Just me and my two best friends, in a good ol’ fashioned sleep-over. I was certain that after an hour or so, we’d have the slumber party vibe going and we’d stay up until the wee hours of the morn, talking about boys we like, giving each other make overs, and playing Truth Or Dare. When my mattress was laid out on the floor, I was getting all set to start the girltalk, but there was a flaw in bringing my dream to reality. After the tough day of being interviewed and teaching, L was pretty beat and just wanted to head straight to bed. When given the option of snuggling next to a beautiful woman or playing Truth Or Dare with me, Chuck chose the woman, and thus I was once again relegated to my own devices. I stayed up for about an hour, jotting down the day’s thoughts in my coil bound notebook, and then crawled onto my mattress. Tomorrow was to be a big day. Sunday was my final day. Sunday was the day I went home.
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