Worst Column Ever

Chaos in Print

So, here I am. It’s late on Sunday evening, I’ve gotta write something for the website, so let’s just sit down and do it.

What can I write about?


Just write the first thing that comes to your mind.

Nothing’s coming to my mind.

Wow. This is a new experience for me. Writer’s block. In the six years I’ve been doing this now, I’ve never run into having writer’s block. I’d usually always have something to say.

Granted, on some of those nights, what I had to say came out pretty crappy. They were half-formed ideas that I just came up on the spur of the moment to just fill a page and a half of space so I’d have something for the week. But not this week.

I have absolutely no ideas.

I guess I could write about writer’s block. Just enough to fill a page, and then I can go outside and seek inspiration.

Is that a page yet?

Well, I’m going to call it one.

This sucks.

I need more angst in my life.

Or more joy.

Either/or. They both give me material.

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