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Chaos in Print

As with far too many of my columns, I find myself just sitting here, waiting for a brilliant idea to strike so I’ll have something interesting and compelling to write. That or I’m just procrastinating. I’ll go with that second one. I mean, I really don’t have to read The Best of Twisted ToyFare Theatre again. But it’s just so funny! I’ve got all four volumes, and they still haven’t re-printed some of my favourites. I hope that ToyFare can iron out something with DC Comics so they can reprint some of the Twisted ToyFare Theatres that had DC characters. Green Arrow had some great moments, and “Spidey joins the JLA” is still one of the best. That’s probably the one that led DC to launch their lawsuit, too. It’s really nothing but Spider-Man going on and on about how crappy DC superheroes are. But yeah. That’s why there are no DC characters in Twisted ToyFare Theatre anymore. DC Comics didn’t like how their characters were being portrayed, so they filed a cease-and-desist order.

Wow. There was a half-hour between writing that paragraph and writing this one because I started reading Twisted ToyFare Theatre again. Self-control, Mark, self-control….

Anyway, I’m just really tapped out of ideas. You’d think I’d come up with at least one brilliant idea or two on my nightly walks, but no. I’m usually all wrapped up in what’s going on around me than to think up of some brilliant ideas for columns.

About the only thought that I consistently have on my walks are how much I hate the Vancouver Airport. I don’t know why. It all stems from the fact that, when I made my stopover there on the way back from Japan, I said to myself, “This is the sixth time in 18 months that I’ve seen this place, and I never want to see it again!” And now, I look back on the Vancouver Airport with nothing but anger and bitterness. If I ever have to go out west again for some strange reason, I’m taking the train. Rail all the way, baby!

I’d one again write about how much I love trains, but I’m sure that topic makes up about 12% of my columns.

I keep picturing that Vancouver’s got to have this big, grand train station. I mean, it’s the end of the line. Literally. There’s no going farther west unless you’ve got a boat. It must be a grand finale.

I love train stations almost as much as I love trains. From just about every town I visited in Japan, I took a picture of the town’s train station. The one I remember most of all is Kyoto. It has such a massive, magnificent train station.

I’m talking about trains again, aren’t I?

Ehh, let’s end this here. I’ve got nothing this week, and I’m just rambling and rambling and rambling, and as my dear old Dad once said, “If you ever find you’re digging yourself into a hole, the first thing you should do is stop digging.”

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