Letting Go with Galileo

Chaos in Print

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m just doing this to impress women. This whole “writing for the Nugget” thing. I mean, have you seen any pictures of me? I’m this chubby little nerd in dire need of a haircut and cursed with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. All I got going for me is this big brain. It is my gift, my curse. I try to use it to impress women, but it constantly blows up in my face. As I’ve learned from just sitting back and overhearing conversations between my classmates, you do not impress women with words like, “The glimmer in your eyes is like that of the morning star.” No, you impress with, “Geez, you’re hot. I know a place where we can get some twenty five cent draft. Ya in?”

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