Welcome to the Ministry of Love

Chaos in Print

NOTE: Because of a little thing I wrote last semester, I should probably take an extra step and remind you that the views expressed by me do not reflect the views of NR92. Last thing I want to do is make the cute girl in class that I have crush on angry at me again. That being said….

My favourite book is 1984, so that right there should tell you a lot about me. If you’ve never read it, it follows the adventures of Winston Smith as he lives under the thumb of an oppressive regime. One of the key locales in the book is the Ministry of Love. This is the government agency that catches dissidents, tortures them to within an inch of their lives, and just generally beats them into submission. The whole goal of this is to make a person a happy, uncreative, unthinking worker drone in society. They strive to make everyone look the same, act the same, and think the same.

Sounds kinda like school, doesn’t it?

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