Dude, That’s Just Wrong

Chaos in Print

There is a tendency in the human spirit that occasionally unsettles me. For all I know, it has unsettled you as well. I mean, we try to avoid it. We don’t want to do it. But, it happens nonetheless. Why it happens to us, we don’t know. It’s a facet of human nature that we have no control over. It’s something that quite often leaves us screaming at the heavens for an answer. I’m sure that there is at least one time in our life where we’ve turned to a parent; a sibling; a god, and asked, “Why, oh why, do I love something that’s so completely wrong for me?”

The first such incidence in my life happened when I was eight years old. Oh, I was such a happy child. From our local video store, we rented one of those classic films of 1980s merchandising: Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer. It was a grey, rainy afternoon with nothing good on TV, so I wound up watching the film over and over again. After about the fifth viewing, I came to a horrifying conclusion: I was in love with Rainbow Bright.

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