Chaos in Print

I have been, and always will be, a fan of the work of Michael Moore. I first discovered him in the summer of 1994 when, out of a lack of quality programming on TV, I watched an episode of TV Nation. I saw scathing social satire (the now infamous piece on the racism of taxi drivers in New York) mixed with more light-hearted pieces (what the least visited state in the USA – North Dakota – is doing to boost tourism). None of my local video stores had his first film, Roger & Me, but I was among the first to rent Canadian Bacon and The Big One. I watched every interview he did to promote his first book, Downsize This! His next book, Stupid White Men, was one of the ones I knew I had to bring with me to Japan. And when Bowling for Columbine came out in Kumagaya, I was first in line to see it.

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