The Music of Our Lives

Chaos in Print

I’ve always been trying to develop the perfect mixed tape. Things just kind of got worse when my parents finally got a computer with a burner. Now, I’m constantly trying to develop the perfect mixed CD. I often find myself wishing for better Internet access, so I can crank up the file sharing services to full speed and track down all kinds of obscure songs. Being back in school and studying broadcasting, I’m starting to learn that this a common habit among my classmates. My parents just got a new printer, so I purchased the fancy CD labels so I can finally make proper liner notes for all of these projects. And, I’ve just about got all the right MP3s downloaded so I can make my next attempt at manufacturing the perfect compilation. With all this going on, I’m just thinking about this quite a bit lately. So, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on all my previous attempts at making “the perfect CD.” Besides, it’s a great way to put off writing a real column.

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