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Well, Chuck just went and did the nicest thing he’s ever done for me. Nicer than buying me my URL, nicer than convincing me to work in Japan, and nicer just simply tolerating me. He just got himself high speed Internet, and I told him of a wonderful thing called the Kazaa network. Chuck’s been using that to get all kinds of obscure cartoons and watch them over and over. He also got himself a CD burner for Christmas. So, then, what did he do? He went on the network, downloaded every episode of Visionaries, burned them to CD and sent them to me! How nice is that? Now that I’ve watched every episode several dozen times, I’ve decided to let you in on the world of Visionaries! Once you review my feature Visionaries 101, come back here and read up on all 13 adventures of the Spectral Knights! These 13 adventures left me craving for more. This is truly one of the forgotten classics of the 1980s. Without further ado, here is…the guide!

The Age of Magic Begins (part 1 of 3)
When the three suns of Prysmos align, all technology ceases to work on the planet, and soon the Dark Ages begin anew. Two main factions soon form: the kingdom of New Valerik under Leoric, and the domain of the tyrant Darkstorm. The two sides fight to a draw and begin looking for something to tip the balance of power. Soon, the wizard Merklynn appears to each side, and tells them that the Age of Magic has begun again. Those who can successfully quest to his shrine will be rewarded with magic powers. Leoric, Darkstorm, and others from across the land quest for the shrine, but only 14 make it successfully. Merklynn grants them their magic powers and calls them the Visionaries.

The Dark Hand of Treachery (part 2 of 3)
The evil Visionaries join forces under Darkstorm to form the Darkling Lords, and begin eliminating the good Visionaries one by one. To answer this threat, the good Visionaries band together under Leroic’s leadership to become the Spectral Knights.

Quest for the Dragon’s Eye (part 3 of 3)
The first battle between the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords leaves each faction depleted of their magical powers. They both go to Merklynn to recharge their powers, but Merklynn will only do it if they can get the Dragon’s Eye for him. The race is on to be the first to the Dragon’s Eye!

The Price of Freedom
While out in the jungle, Reekon and Mortredd of the Darkling Lords stumble upon the lost city of Khemir. Khemir was a technological stronghold in the Age of Technology, where all labour was done by robot slaves. Now, with no robot slaves to do their bidding, the Khemirites are lost in this new age. Darkstorm is summoned to the scene, and says that if the Khemirites swear loyalty to him, he can get them new human slaves. With the aid of the Khemirites, a trap is sprung on New Valerik, all the Spectral Knights are captured, their magical powers stolen, and Darkstorm presents them to the Khemirites as slaves. Can the Khemirites realize the evil of their ways? Well, they’ve got to, as this is only the fourth episode and the series ran for 13.

Power of the Wise
Leoric confesses a fear of Darkstorm’s magic power: the power of decay. This news reaches Darkstorm, and he springs a trap on the Spectral Knights. He unleashes his power of decay, and turns Leoric into a withered old man. The race is then on to find the Eternal Spring, the only way to reverse the power of decay. But who will get there first: the Spectral Knights, to heal Leoric, or the Darkling Lords, who seek to destroy the spring?

Feryl Steps Out
A humiliating defeat in battle leads Feryl to think that he’s of no use to the Spectral Knights, so he leaves the team. When Darkstorm is unable to convince Feryl to become a Darkling Lord, he does the next best thing: he uses Feryl’s absence to set a trap for Leoric. Soon, Leoric is captured, and it’s up to Feryl to rescue Leoric, and thus, redeem himself.

Lion Hunt
Darkstorm gets his hands on a magic potion that will trap Leoric in his lion form. He uses it on Leoric, turning Leoric into a vicious red lion. Darkstorm then convinces some local villagers that Leoric is a demonic beast, and the villagers set out to slay Leoric. Can the Spectral Knights protect Leoric long enough for the spell to be reversed?

The Overthrow of Merklynn
Tired of always having to go to Merklynn to replenish the Darkling Lords’ magic powers, Darkstorm hatches a scheme to eliminate Merklynn and steal his magic. The scheme goes off flawlessly, and soon Darkstorm is an omnipotent sorcerer! He’s not very disciplined, however, and he soon accidentally unleashes the Apocalypse. It’s then up to the Darkling Lords to restore Merklynn to power and hope Merklynn can save the world.

The Trail of Three Wizards
Well, Darkstorm’s bringing about of the Apocalypse had an unexpected side effect: three particularly dangerous wizards escaped from the Wizard’s Jail. Merklynn sends out the Spectral Knights to capture these wizards and return them to prison before they can find the Lost Shrine and be returned to full power.

Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE EPISODE! A plague that affects only magic users is sweeping the land, and soon the Spectral Knights Arzon and Witterquick and the Darkling Lords Cindarr and Lexor are the only Visionaries left standing. Merklynn sends them out to get the two ingredients required to make the cure. Cindarr and Lexor set out to slay a unicorn for its horn, and Arzon and Wiiterquick are left with the task of finding a dragon’s claw. Will these noble beasts be slain simply for their body parts, or will compassion save the day?

Sorcery Squared
An accident with a magic spell results in Cryotek having both his bear totem and Cravex’s phylot totem. Unable to control Cravex’s dark magic, Cryotek soon starts turning evil, and bent on domination. The Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords soon must form an uneasy alliance to save Cryotek and restore things to normal.

Honour Among Thieves
Merklynn presents the Spectral Knights with the Crystal of Detection, which will warn New Valerik of the approach of any evildoer. With the Crystal, New Valerik soon becomes safe and peaceful, but Ectar is uneasy about this reliance on magic to protect the city. His suspicions are confirmed when the Darkling Lord Reekon successfully steals the Crystal. Now, the detective (Ectar) and the thief (Reekon) must switch roles, as Ectar sets out to steal the Crystal back.

Dawn of the Sun Imps
In a battle, the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords stumble across the tomb of the Sun Imps, a dangerous threat to all of Prysmos. Merklynn orders the tomb to be buried, but the Darkling Lords open it anyway. They set loose the Sun Imps, and soon the Sun Imps are wreaking havoc in both New Valerik and Darkstorm’s Domain. Once again, the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords must form an alliance to re-capture and re-entomb the Sun Imps.
Trivia Note: This episode never aired on TV! The Sun Imps were meant to be the major villain in the second wave of toys, but with the cancellation of the toy line, the cartoon was subsequently cancelled, and this episode was rendered irrelevant. It still made it to the line of Visionaries videos, however.

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