A Complete Episode Guide to Visionaries

Chaos in Print

Well, Chuck just went and did the nicest thing he’s ever done for me. Nicer than buying me my URL, nicer than convincing me to work in Japan, and nicer just simply tolerating me. He just got himself high speed Internet, and I told him of a wonderful thing called the Kazaa network. Chuck’s been using that to get all kinds of obscure cartoons and watch them over and over. He also got himself a CD burner for Christmas. So, then, what did he do? He went on the network, downloaded every episode of Visionaries, burned them to CD and sent them to me! How nice is that? Now that I’ve watched every episode several dozen times, I’ve decided to let you in on the world of Visionaries! Once you review my feature Visionaries 101, come back here and read up on all 13 adventures of the Spectral Knights! These 13 adventures left me craving for more. This is truly one of the forgotten classics of the 1980s. Without further ado, here is…the guide!

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