The Targ

It’s My Podcast!

“Practice, practice, practice.”  That’s what everyone told me in my job interviews to be a radio announcer.  Leading to the big question, “How do I get more practice?”  Enter the Internet, and that wonderful new medium of podcasting.  So here’s the NEW crown jewel of my site, a place for me to practice, practice, and spread the word.

The Newest Episodes

Episode 10.32: Bundle Up
Recapping the big Marvel and Star Wars announcements, and sampling the Peppermint Hot Cocoa Blizzard

Episode 10.31: Zeroes Across the Board
My Spotify 2020, sampling KFC’s Cinnamon Dessert Biscuit, and HBO Max in Canada

Episode 10.30: $10 Treats
Checking out the Lego Store, pondering what to read, and Baby Yoda’s name.

Episode 10.29:  Speaking Of…
Deconstructing Crave, DC shows ending and starting, and the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Episode 10.28: Talkin’ ‘Bout Lord of the Rings
I’ve finally finished reading Lord of the Rings! And I got a KFC Firelog.

Episode 10.27: Borrowed Time
Fretting about my computer, how my Lord of the Rings reading is going, and remembering Sean Connery.

Episode 10.26: Little Victories
Plowing through Lord of the Rings, sampling A&W’s Bison Burger, and saying goodbye to the Fast and the Furious

Episode 10.25: The Multiverse of Meh
Microwave turkeys, the new Soul trailer, and Spider-Man meets Doctor Strange!

Episode 10.24: Turkey Time
My thoughts on Bill & Ted, sampling Dairy Queen’s Loaded Steakhouse Burger, and rattling off some entertainment headlines.

Episode 10.23: The Golden Leaves
Catching Empire Strikes Back in the theatres, Marvel has chosen their Ms. Marvel, and the next James Bond film has been delayed again.

Episode 10.22: Autumnal Arrival
My first trip to West Edmonton Mall all year, I sample KFC’s new chicken sandwich, and checking out that WandaVision trailer.

Episode 10.21: Superhero Catch-Up
Where I spent my fall vacation, my thoughts on New Mutants, and we have a She-Hulk!

Episode 10.20: The Procrastination Game
Rants about Mulan on Disney+, the new No Time to Die trailer, and the Alberta Hyperloop.

Episode 10.19: The Gritty Reboot
Remembering Chadwick Boseman, checking out the Batman trailer, and two gritty reboots coming down the pike.

Episode 10.18: Brand New Ceiling
The latest Marvel and DC films in the works, and I redo my bathroom.

Episode 10.17:  Lotta Binging
Saying goodbye to Agents of Shield, sampling KFC’s plant-based chicken, and falling down G.I. rabbit holes.

Episode 10.16:  Cool Summer Nights
Nostalgic for G.I. Joe, sampling A&W’s Fish & Chips, and Disney’s new plans for Mulan

Episode 10.15: The Big 3-0-0
It’s my 300th episode!  Do I do anything special for it?  Nope.  Just the same ol’ sh_t. 

Episode 10.14:  Long Lasting Balloons
More Star Wars cartoons! More crossover Transformers! More Lego Stores!

Episode 10.13:  Talkin’ ‘Bout Ghostbusters
Catching the original on the big screen, revisiting the 2016 reboot, and Batman!

Episode 10.12:  The Big Screen
What to expect when you go back to the movies, collector’s edition Transformers, and waxing nostalgic about Atari

Episode 10.11:  Back to the Movies
The movie theatres are reopening, new trailers are being unleashed, and Splash Mountain is getting a facelift!

Episode 10.10: How I Spent My June Vacation
I went to Jasper National Park last week, so I tell you about the sites I saw, sample a BeaverTail, and review my favourite viewpoints.

Episode 10.09:  AppVenture
Ordering fast food with apps, sampling Hawaiian burgers, and all the stuff I’ve yet to do at West Edmonton Mall

Episode 10.08: The Bounty of Nature
The new Batwoman, sampling the Froot Loops donut, and finding lost apples.

Episode 10.07: The Bright
My mind is blown by my new glasses, I sample a Misty Freeze, and my thoughts on the SpaceX launch.

Episode 10.06:  The Heights of Boredom
I’m cataloging my DVDs, Justice League: The Zack Snyder Cut is happening, and I’m getting new glasses!

Episode 10.05:  Where I’m At
Complaining about my car, running down all the new Star Trek shows, and getting nostalgic about the Studio Ghibli Museum.

Episode 10.04:  My New Shoes
Recapping the news that came out of Star Wars Day, going down the rabbit hole that is Disneyland vlogs, and waxing poetic about walking.

Episode 10.03:  Talkin’ ‘Bout Star Wars
This one goes up the week of Star Wars Day, so we talk about this past decade of Star Wars.  My thoughts on the sequel trilogy, The Mandalorian, the Clone Wars finale, and how hatred for the sequels has started a new appreciation of the prequels. 

Episode 10.02:  Blood Cookies
In this one, we’re chatting about cycling, donating blood, binging on Pokemon prequels, and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. 

Episode 10.01: Under Quarantine
May as well get the old podcast going in these days of self-isolation! I binge every Herbie the Love Bug movie, and rant about streaming services.

Thanksgiving Special 2018: A Thanksgiving Special
Ranting about two of the biggest movies of the summer: Avengers and Solo!

April Special: April Snowstorms
The Star Wars trailer, the Thor trailer, and buried treasure!

February Special: A Month of Holidays
Back to ramble about January’s movie trailers, the NES Classic, and the closure of HMV.

Christmas Special: Scarecrow’s Second Christmas Mix Tape
Just a collection of Christmas songs and random musings about the season!

October Special: Turkey Time!
Taking a moment this Thanksgiving weekend to ramble about Rogue One, summer blockbusters, and Shomi!

July Special: The Return of Crystal Pepsi
My first swig of Crystal Pepsi in 22 years! And I have to share it with you!

Episode 9.08: I Saw a Fox
Just babbling about historic sites, sharing my thoughts on X-Men: Apocalypse and the Star Trek Beyond trailer.

Episode 9.07: Let ‘Er Rip
My thoughts on Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Four, and X-Men: Apocalypse!

Episode 9.06: The Adventures of Clippy McGoo
Just rambling about the Fantastic Beasts and Doctor Strange trailers, and the Star Wars Rebels finale!

Episode 9.05: Just Another Saturday
New thoughts on Force Awakens, the Rogue One trailer, and Marvel developments!

Episode 9.04: Mark v Cheeseburgers – Dawn of Obesity
I return to share my thoughts on Batman v Superman, and all the superhero shows on TV.

Episode 9.03: The Meat Sweats
Days in the city, watching movies, pondering what DVDs to buy, and sampling burgers!

Episode 9.02: A Windy Day
More ramblings about Star Wars, the rise of cinematic universes, and welcoming 1990s nostalgia!

Episode 9.01: The Force Awoke
Time to kick of a new season! Matthew Jemmett and Mark McCue join me to share their thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

November Special: Testing 1 2 3
May as well post a podcast to make sure my website still works!  My reservations about Force Awakens, the new Star Trek series coming to streaming, and various ramblings about Marvel and Netflix!

Episode 8.17: Kinda Sorta
My season finale! Talkin’ Christmas specials, the Spirit of Obi-Wan, and wondering what to do with my long weekend.

Episode 8.16: All Stuffed Up
Battling a stuffy nose to share thoughts on Ant-Man, the history of special editions, and Charlie Brown cartoons.

Episode 8.15: Waitin’ for the Pizza
A quick one, as I ramble about the Star Wars and Batman v Superman San Diego footage.

Episode 8.14: Funghi Pizza
Ramblings about how I spent my birthday, thoughts on Inside Out, and the latest Star Wars news.

Episode 8.13: Dog Days of Summer
Your Star Wars update, my thoughts on the Raccoons reboot, the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, and tales of the good ol’ days.

Episode 8.12: The Coffee Can of Destiny
Explaining my whereabouts, binging on Quantum Leap and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, eating McLobster, and seeing Jurassic World.

Episode 8.11: Titles Are Hard
Recounting the history of View-master, the Justice League movie that could have been, and ranting about those video games that tie in with toys.

Episode 8.10: Hooker Bike
Discoveries on Shomi, thoughts on the Transformers franchise committee, and gushing about the Flash finale.

Episode 8.09: My Biggest Fan Takes Batteries
Geeking out about ReAction figures, reflecting on the Star Wars: Droids cartoons, and yes, an angry rant about the Jem and the Holograms trailer.

Episode 8.08: Make Mine Superheroes
My off-the-cuff thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron, the latest developments in the DC TV universe, and ramblings about streaming video apps.

Episode 8.07: 1999 All Over Again
The latest news on the Avatar sequels, Jurassic World, and Star Wars Anthology, some ramblings about Shomi, and reminiscing about standing in line for Episode I.

Episode 8.06: Lower Levels Love Me
Complaining about faulty Blu-Rays and Spider-Man animated movies.  Applauding Marvel’s Daredevil series and West Edmonton Mall bringing back the whale.

Episode 8.05: 7 Days in the Making
Geeking out about the big trailers of the week, mainly Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Also, we sample Tim Hortons Nutella Donut and unbox a present a friend sent me!

Episode 8.04: Only a Tribute
Pondering whether to buy Star Wars on digital, the speech I always give when someone asks “What’s Doctor Who?” and some reminiscing about the Dukes of Hazzard.

Episode 8.03: Secret Origins
Delving into the secret origins of the podcast! Celebrating the music of Cledus T. Judd! Recapping the Marvel News! And sampling Japanese Kit Kats.

Episode 8.02: Springy Weather
Lots of stuff this week! Celebrating math for Pi Day, recapping the Star Wars news, creating the Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe, and sampling a Shamrock Shake!

Episode 8.01: Back and Catching Up
I’m back from hiatus, explaining where I was, and geeking out about Weird Al’s latest album, Marvel’s Phase III, and the Episode VII trailer!

Episode 7.15: Summer Fun
My season finale, where I ramble about Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the Ant-Man hubbub.

Episode 7.14: Mark Dreams of Movies
My thoughts on the season finales of Agents of SHIELD and Arrow, and the latest improvements to movie theatres!

Episode 7.13: Just Stuff
I share my tales of reality TV, sample Domino’s Specialty Chicken, and rundown all the comic-book based TV shows we’re getting!

Episode 7.12: Nope. Not Gonna Say It.
My rambling thoughts about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the Episode VII cast!

Episode 7.11: Remember to Make a Slurpee Joke
I explain what happened, long to go to a con, geek out about the Jem movie, and the discovery of E.T.!

Episode 7.10: Announcer’s Block
Unsure of what to talk about this week, I ramble about Community and Criterion editions!

Episode 7.09: Too Cold for Spring
My first experience at a new Tim Hortons, picking apart the Ninja Turtles trailer, and one of my favourite TV shows finally comes to DVD!

Episode 7.08: Let’s Make a Movie!
Hollywood’s giving us movie versions of Jem and Charlie Brown. Ooo, and more X-Men! Come! Let’s discuss!

Episode 7.07: 2 Sevens
Agents of SHIELD just might be getting better, I express my distaste for pun-based holidays, and I accept that fact that I’m getting old.

Episode 7.06: Just Another Saturday
Picking apart the new Transformers trailer, a Star Trek classic comes to comics, and CanCon goes too far!

Episode 7.05: Beautiful Dreams
Chronicling a trip into the city to see The Wind Rises, and what I’ll always remember about Harold Ramis.

Episode 7.04: Just Stuff I Like
Going off on various tangents about Star Wars cartoons, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and Indiana Jones coming to Telus World of Science!

Episode 7.03: Witty Title Block
The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are underway, G.I. Joe turns 50, and the latest developments on The Avengers!

Episode 7.02: All Coming Together
I share my thoughts on the Back to the Future musical, the latest Batman vs. Superman developments, and the Doctor’s spiffy new clothes!

Episode 7.01: Back for Maybe
I tell an untold tale of radio, pick apart the Doctor Who Christmas special, and chat about some movies I’ve seen recently.

Summer Special: Blue Skies
I explore my new surroundings, sample some French Fries, explain what’s wrong with Athabasca, and go off on Star Trek Into Darkness

New Year’s Special: 35% More
I check out the Telus World of Science, get my holy grail Star Wars figure, and sample Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Star Wars Special: Welcome to the House of Mouse
A whole episode about Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, the announcement of Episode VII, and what it all means.

Halloween Special: Gimmie Some Candy!
Still not ready to start series 6, but I must rant about Star Wars Identities, the iPhone, and the MythBusters Titanic episode!

Thanksgiving Special: All Stuffing, No Turkey
A bit of a warm up before I start Series 6 proper. We’re talking sexy hotels, Titanic myths, and booze at Disneyland!

Episode 5.22: 1D Action
Wondering why G.I. Joe 2 got moved to March, thoughts on the House finale, and pondering whether this is a good end point!

Episode 5.21: Stuffy Nose
My thoughts on the Avengers, the privatization of our national park’s hot springs, and finally watching Sherlock!

Episode 5.20: Backed Up
I explain where the heck I’ve been for the past few weeks, discuss some epic comic book crossovers, and work through my show prep file!

Episode 5.19: A Lazy Saturday
The Canadian, the penny, and books are the topics of discussion for today!

Episode 5.18: The Adventures of Snurkles McGee
The Ninja Turtles new origin controversy, good-bye to the West Edmonton Mall subs, and the news about the next series of Doctor Who!

Episode 5.17: Lady Pink Hair
Ranting about DC’s animated movies, thoughts on the Dark Shadows trailer, and the first Harvey’s!

Episode 5.16: Waiting by the Mailbox
Miscellaneous rants about Star Wars, some naughty statistics, and the fourth and final part of the Jones Soda Holiday Fizzathon!

Episode 5.15: Divisible by 5
Ranting about Transformers 3, Olympics past, and Part III of the Jones Soda Holiday Fizzathon!

Episode 5.14: Springy Spring
I submit myths to Mythbusters, discuss a lost Star Trek episode, and Part II of the Jones Soda Holiday Fizzathon!

Episode 5.13: Flag Points
My reaction to the greatest crossover in the history of ever, cashing in some reward program points, and I kick off the Jones Soda Holiday Fizzathon!

Episode 5.12: The Third Kind of Heat
The Canadian connection to Doctor Who, reflections on Heritage Moments, and a non-sports guy talks the All-Star Game!

Episode 5.11: CondorBat
We reminisce about Condorman, ponder how to end a trilogy, and share an idea to reboot Batman!

Episode 5.10: Midnight Music
It’s an intercontinental battle of TV networks, dissecting the Internet dating scene, and wondering where Pixar went wrong!

Episode 5.09: Flame War
After a long rant about affordable housing, I also talk about stories from the making of Star Trek IV and George Lucas’s retirement!

Episode 5.08: Pound Pound Pound It Out
We’re talking about dying fads, tourist attractions in the national parks, and new DVDs!

Episode 5.07: Overtired
I offer my analysis of the World Juniors, build monuments to TV shows, and sample black burgers!

Episode 5.06: A Week Full of Thursdays
I get recognized, we lament the end of the Brave and the Bold, and I dissect the Hobbit trailer!

Episode 5.05: Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Protesting the cutting of Christmas specials, cancellation of TV shows, and feuding with celebrities!

Episode 5.04: Scarecrow’s Christmas Mix Tape
It’s a walk down memory lane as I discuss some of my favourite Christmas songs!

Episode 5.03: Bigger on the Inside
More on the Royal Alberta Museum, a return of What’s Wrong with Society, and a Doctor Who movie!

Episode 5.02: Tube of Sunblock
Ranting about the Royal Alberta Museum, the next James Bond film, and Star Wars on Blu-Ray!

Episode 5.01: What, This Again?
We’re back for Series 5! I explain what took so long, handicap the superhero films of the summer, and ponder the future!

Episode 4.24: Cute Little Caboose
I’m back for a season finale! My thoughts on Google Plus, Transformers 3, and trekkies who need to learn to love!

Episode 4.23: Grind Away
We’re back to the usual, chatting the new Nintendo, some less-than-notable Batman villains, and Kevin Smith’s reality TV project!

Episode 4.22: Yet Another Return
I explain where I’ve been…again, share the latest on Weird Al, talk hockey, and get to the bottom of an urban legend!

Episode 4.21: I See the Light
I surmise that March sucks, reveal one of my guilty pleasures, and geek out over the Captain America trailer!

Episode 4.19: Back to the Beginning
Where I’ve been for the past few weeks, freeze-frame moments, and time to watch some cartoons!

Episode 4.18: Little Things, Little Show
Pontificating on pine tree air fresheners, the effects of Inception, and 12 Pokemon movies!

Episode 4.17: Formula 201
We celebrate a milestone, the future of music, and hte Superman casting!

Episode 4.16: The Brass Ring
My Oscar picks, a rant about my hero, and movies to get you in the mood!

Episode 4.15: Sour Cream & Onion
This week’s rants include the Batman casting, luxury movies theatres, and football fandom!

Episode 4.14: 100 Tacos for $100
Kitchen appliances, the pitfalls of pre-ordering, and Wonder Woman!

Episode 4.13: Normalcy
We’re back from Christmas and ranting about geek culture, the World Juniors, and Star Wars on Blu!

Episode 4.12: End of Line
It’s time to cut loose and tell you my thoughts on Tron Legacy! Plus, undergarments and Facebook etiquette.

Episode 4.11: The Gift of Sound
We develop a classification system, I analyze the Transformers 3 trailer, and we recap the news…that’s important to me!

Episode 4.10: Rumblies in my Tumblies
Chatting about some classic video games, my newest Star Wars action figures and the countdown to Tron Legacy!

Episode 4.09: The Chill of Winter
We dissect the Green Lantern trailer, geek out again over the Brave and the Bold, and my thoughts on MegaMind!

Episode 4.08: 4-Day Weekend
The Pixar formula, the DreamWorks business strategy, and Tron marketing!

Episode 4.07: I’ll Have the Usual
Rants about Barman, McDonald’s, and Toy Story 3!

Episode 4.06: Ghosts of Halloween Past
For my Halloween episode, I share the tales of my Halloweens growing up!

Episode 4.05: The Turkey Hangover
I tell you where I’ve been the past few weeks, the Double Down, and Oilers cheerleaders!

Episode 4.04: The Saddest Little Boy in a Helicopter
Star Wars in 3D, the Flintstones at 50, and Lego board games!

Episode 4.03: Falling into Autumn
We’re chatting the next DC animated movie, the Katy Perry/Sesame Street controversy, and the return of Hell’s Kitchen!

Episode 4.02: The Daily Grind
Time to see if I can successfully sustain this new format, as I talk about Disney films, DVDs, and share your feedback!

Episode 4.01: Experimental & Improved
I’m back with an all new format! New features, new music, same Mark!

Episode 3.40: The End…?
My season finale, as I ponder my future and the latest social networking fad!

Episode 3.39: Angry Rant #642
Ranting about sports fans, ALF video games, and the future of Pixar!

Episode 3.38: Snoozle Woozle
Playing the lottery, the end of James Bond, and I unveil my ratings!

Episode 3.37: In a Row?
Reflections on my birthday, Tron, and Back to the Future!

Episode 3.36: Divisible by 3
My Toy Story 3 review, reminiscing about the Ninth Doctor, and innocence is lost!

Episode 3.35: Groovin’ on a Sunny Afternoon
Toy Story 3, the forthcoming Smurfs movies, and more obscure film scores!

Episode 3.34: Summertime Fun!
I gear up for summer, rant about Ninja Turtles, and extoll the virtues of VHS!

Episode 3.33: Mountain Mix
I explain what the Mountain Mix is, talk about Jaws fandom, and contemplate the double dip!

Episode 3.32: Purple Skies and Rainclouds
We’re talking THINGS, hot springs, and the new Doctor Who!

Episode 3.31: Information Please
Icons of England: Doctor Who, Austin Powers, and Batman?

Episode 3.30: Tea Time
Late night infomericals, The Goonies, and the things I hate!

Episode 3.29: Spectral Visions
Obscure film scores arrive, remembering one of my favourite cartoons, and the 1960s!

Episode 3.28: Feeling Blu-Ray
I talk about finally going Blu-Ray, a little bit of Batgirl, and some misc. Pixar news!

Episode 3.27: Funny Numbers
Tacky tourist traps, Emperor Joker, and the forthcoming summer blockbusters!

Episode 3.26: Spellbound
Scientific curiosities, the Chill of the Night, and the 12 minute run!

Episode 3.25: Tears of Joy
Weird Al albums, forgotten foods, and Tron Legacy viral marketing!

Episode 3.24: The Sweet Stuff
Health tips for women, undiscovered Weird Al and remakes galore!

Episode 3.23: Shiny Glass
Critical analyses of the trailers for The Karate Kid and Tron Legacy!

Episode 3.22: Movie Music
We recap the Best Original Song nominees, and geek out over the score for Up!

Episode 3.21: All Things Batman
Chatting about The Brave and the Bold, Kevin Conroy, and the next direct-to-DVD movie!

Episode 3.20: The Zesty Pest
Reflections on the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies, analyzing the new Toy Story 3 trailer, and Chicken McNuggets!

Episode 3.19: Take the Blue Pill
Oscar nominations, Matrix reflections, and the final Monopoly update!

Episode 3.18: A Shift to the Left
Movie advertising, Iron Man 2, and a Monopoly update!

Episode 3.17: The 4 Railroads
DVD hype, the Spider-Man reboot, and Monopoly are all on tap!

Episode 3.16: Crafty Arts
Roses and food courts and Family Guy…oh my!

Episode 3.15: Driven to Distraction
Pop bottles and Wendy’s are the topics, until a friend distracts me with text messages!

Episode 3.14: Remember to Make a Pi Joke
Godzilla, Shrek 4, and ski documentaries make up this pi-tacular!

Episode 3.13: Palindrome
Kill Bill, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the Princess and the Frog! All the holiday classics!

Episode 3.12: String of Lights
We discuss Grammy nominations, my favourite Christmas special, and naughty Christmas gifts!

Episode 3.11: Sexually Charged
H1N1 prevention, high-paying fast food jobs,and big weiners are all inside!

Episode 3.10: Angst All Over…and That Stuff Stains
I’ve had a bad week. Let me tell you about my car troubles, vinyl, and new gloves!

Episode 3.09: Little to Do
I struggle with today’s topics, before settling on the Best Animated Film Oscar and naughty Christmas ornaments!

Episode 3.08: Hey! That Song!
Today’s topics are Christmas albums, the Sunshine Girl Calendar, and some wacky stats!

Episode 3.07: The Ghost Pumpkin
It’s my special Halloween episode!

Episode 3.06: Quick ‘n Dirty
Rare film scores, and a couple of movies are reviewed!

Episode 3.05: Sunny Skies in the Afternoon
James Bond, Where the Wild Things Are, and Toy Story 3!

Episode 3.04: Paper Trail
The 2016 Olympics, getting a haircut and fast food secrets!

Episode 3.03: Crisis on Saturday Afternoon
We’re obsessing on all kinds of superhero DVDs this week!

Episode 3.02: Snurkles
World of Warcraft, Winnie the Pooh, and the Beatles are today’s topics!

Episode 3.01: Back from Vacation
I tell you where I’ve been for the past few weeks!

Episode 2.43: New Ones
Analyzing the new works of Weird Al Yankovic and Hayao Miyazaki!

Episode 2.42: He Fights for the Users
I rant about fast food places, Disney’s new Tron footage, and DVD extended editions!

Episode 2.41: Cat Days of Summer
I rant about Photoshop, debate new cellphone vs. BlackBerry, and update you on my summer reading project!

Episode 2.40: By Request
I monologue about Weird Al’s new song and my summer reading project!

Episode 2.39: Bitrex
I unleash the bitterness as I rant about my birthday, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and international fast food!

Episode 2.38: Free with Membership
It’s episodes of Pokemon, one of my favourite Athabasca events, and re-runs of MASH!

Episode 2.37: Smalltalk
We’re talking about my trip to the dentist, analyzing Weird Al’s new song, and counting down to Revenge of the Fallen!

Episode 2.36: Uppity
Thoughts and reflections on Up, and the results of a fast food survey!

Episode 2.35: The Golden Squirrel
We’re chatting Edmonton’s Expo bid, Transformers voices, and Disney’s next animated film!

Episode 2.34: Pat the Bunny
We’re ranting about comic book events, upcoming Dreamworks Animation films, and my hometown makes the news!

Episode 2.33: Rick n’ Roll
KFC, 7-11, and Pixar. Just a typical show!

Episode 2.32: Assorted Rants
Action figure accessories, the latest on Kevin Smith, and superhero themes are today’s specials!

Episode 2.31: Great Time for Geeks!
We’re live on location talking about Free Comic Book Day, Car Culture and the new Star Trek!

Episode 2.30: Inconvenience
I rant about my education, read up on Expo 2010, and more on the new Star Trek film!

Episode 2.29: Rule of 3
3 years in Athabasca, my love of KFC, and straight-to-DVD movies!

Episode 2.28: Cloudy Skies
We’re talkin’ Gordon Ramsay, the final episode of Corner Gas, and the best worst line in comics.

Episode 2.27: Sunday Morning
I explain my absence, review the Family Guy/Star Trek episode, and share news of Toy Story.

Episode 2.26: Finite Storytelling
Today’s topics: short TV shows, celebrities on Twitter, and the Edmonton Capitals.

Episode 2.25: Comic Toast
Watchmen, Wonder Woman, and Pokemon! Just a typical show.

Episode 2.24: More Music of the Bat
I rant about my ultra-rare soundtrack for Batman: The Animated Series and play clips!

Episode 2.23: Gilgamesh
Remakes, my history of blogging, and Conan O’Brien are all discussed on this week’s show!

Episode 2.22: A Whole Lotta 2’s
I offer my Oscar pics, talk about finding gems in the discount bin, and discuss a new movie rating system!

Episode 2.21: Nuts in a Grocery Store
I give an update on the next Batman movie, I offer my thoughts on the Olympic torch, and I tell the story of Family Day!

Episode 2.20: The Other Half of the Battle
We’re talking more Olympic merchandise, my favourite Superbowl spots, and getting Watchmen read before the movie comes out!

Episode 2.19: Beatles & Sunshine
I share my dream of being in the Olympic torch relay, we chat about Star Trek cologne, and discuss items NSFW!

Episode 2.18: A Typical Saturday Night
We’re talking Star Trek, He-Man, and bad jokes!

Episode 2.17: Dirty Habits
I indulge in one of my dirty habits: buying obscure film scores and rocking out to them! WOO!

Episode 2.16: Reflections
I reflect on the Christmas that just ended, my best friend’s wedding, and my time in Japan!

Episode 2.15: An Adult Christmas
I lament what Christmas means to a grown-up, the buzzwords of 2008, and Sunshine girls!

Episode 2.14: Antecedent Action
I offer a theory on prequels, discuss Anne of Green Gables, and where’s my Wayne and Shuster DVDs?

Episode 2.13: Ramble Ramble
I finally offer my thoughts on the Star Trek trailer, discuss European condoms, and share my Christmas plans!

Episode 2.12: Work Through the Pain
What kind of podcast do I come up with when I have my biggest headache ever and am full of Tylenol? This kind!

Episode 2.11: One Sad Panda
I ponder an application to be in the Olympic torch relay, say good-bye to Pushing Daisies, and it’s the much-anticipated G.I. Joe/MASK crossover!

Episode 2.10: Stuff I Like
I urge you to help me save Pushing Daisies, share the latest news on Captain America, and it’s a great weekend to be a geek!

Episode 2.9: Witty Title TBA
I rip apart the Graysons, obsess over cataloging my DVDs, and review the trailer for Pixar’s next, Up!

Episode 2.8: Stuff to Talk About
I’m all excited about my new massage chair, give my thoughts on Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and wonder about the correct pronunciation of “Calgary”!

Episode 2.7: Brilliant, But Cancelled
Ranting about Doctor Who, Sports Night and other great TV shows!

Episode 2.6: My Heroes
Updates on what’s going on with “Weird Al” Yankovic and Kevin Smith!

Episode 2.5: Stickers & Apologies
We’re live on location from downtown Edmonton, where I express my shock and disappointment at Kevin Smith being cancelled!

Episode 2.4: Read Along in your Book
The Lone Ranger, Pirates of the Caribbean, and discovering music are the topics of this here show!

Episode 2.3: Filling Time
I’ve already forgotten what I talk about in this one, so it’s just as much a surprise to you as it is to me!

Episode 2.2: So You Think You Can Sing
I load up my MP3 player with celebrities of dubious singing talent…and some that are good!

Episode 2.1: How I Spent My Summer Vacation!
After 2.5 months off to take care of other matters during the summer, The Targ returns! Don’t worry, it’s not new and not improved.

Episode 100: Mr. Worf, Fire!
The season finale! I’ve decided to take the summer off, so I reflect on the past 100 episodes and hit you with a season finale cliffhanger.

Episode 99: I Like to Score
My obscure film scores arrive in the mail, so I play them for you! I also give props to KFC for their victory with PETA, and geek out over my sexy new glasses.

Episode 98: The Art of Mediocrity
I get ready to sit down and watch all 10 Pokemon films, I continued debating where to get my new computer, and I share the tale of Tama the Station Master.

Episode 97: Online Footprint
I lament the size of my online footprint, complete my collection of Star Trek on DVD, and geek out over Pokemon 10.

Episode 96: My May Long Weekend
I gush about Speed Racer, tell you about one of the funniest websites ever, and go poking around online for hard-to-find film scores.

Episode 95: Comics, Yo!
I lament the loss of Lex Luthor on Smallville, figure out what’s next for Marvel movies, and give a review of Iron Man.

Episode 94: Drive Real Fast
I play a couple of songs to get you revving your engines, while I talk about the movie version of the Hobbit, Disney getting into the nature film biz, and Star Wars Muppets.

Episode 93: TerraTron
I reminisce about CompuSmart, discuss the merits of various video game systems, and announced the title of the new X-Files movie!

Episode 92: Pixar Perfect
I re-cap the biggest movie news of the past week: Pixar unveiling their slate of films for the next 4 years.

Episode 91: Countdown to Something
I rave about getting Brent Spiner’s album, count down the top 5 most anticipated blockbusters of 2008, and say good-bye to Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Episode 90: Covered Two Ways
I ponder how to spend my tax refund, share the oddest book title of 2007, and go on a rant about grilled chicken.

Episode 89: …And a Dollar Short
I celebrate the return of the McRib, introduce you to the voice cast of the next Batman animated film, and run for office.

Episode 88: Keys in my Pocket
I say good-bye to The Batman, Data sings, and I read news stories too hot for radio.

Episode 87: My Life Summed Up
I talk about the job, tell you all about the upcoming Family Guy spinoff, and obsess over Pokemon 10.

Episode 86: Request Show #3
I play your songs and tell little tales about why I like you.

Episode 85: The Moon Maiden
I wax poetic about the moon, tell you about my runner-up entry in a photo contest, and read the best news story I’ve ever written.

Episode 84: Brain Freeze
I whine a little about my car not running in the cold, share with you Weird Al’s latest cameo on The Simpsons, and tell of the brief minute I was a football legend.

Episode 83: Meh
This week’s show is a rant about the title of the new James Bond film, a quick discussion about the Oscars, and a ramble about the works of Michael Giacchino.

Episode 82: What Would Optimus Prime Do?
Facebook is like high school. Star Trek broke my heart. The paradox of Wonder Woman. All on this week’s show!

Episode 81: 92
I complain over Batman, obsess over the two Daxes, share a story about live-action role playing, and tell you about Weird Al returning to The Simpsons!

Episode 80: The Depressed Philosopher
I go on a philosophical bent, talk about the new Law and Order show, and share a New Years Resolution!

Episode 79: My Christmas Scrapbook
A collection of clips recorded live on location at various places during my Christmas vacation!

Episode 78: Christmas with my Brother and Sister
I share some tales of what Christmas was like with my brother and sister (duh)!

Episode 77: Slapdash II
It’s that time of year again: the time of McDonald’s hockey cards and trailers for next summer’s blockbusters! Plus, I tell you about seniors addicted to Dance Dance Revolution!

Episode 76: The Backwards Sign
I ramble about Star Wars action figures, introduce you to the world of DXing, and ramble about Christmas!

Episode 75: Mascot Mania
I introduce you to the mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! And, I play my first Christmas song of the season!

Episode 74: Christmas is Around the Corner
I rant about Shrek, rant about A Mouse, a Mystery, and Me, and announce the winner of my first contest!

Episode 73: My First Contest
I’m giving away a DVD! Listen to the show for all the details, how to enter, and how to win!

Episode 72: The Third Weird Al Show
I get my latest batch of new Weird Al CD’s! Plus, I give you the Best Animated Film short list, and I tell you about my first contest, happening in next week’s show!

Episode 71: Get Off That Couch!
I obsess over free DVDs, gush about how Robot Chicken is the funniest show on TV, and try to play animated movie catch-up.

Episode 70: The Big Game
I complain about Christmas stuff being on store shelves before the end of Halloween, I gush over Pushing Daisies, and do some shopping in the USA.

Episode 69: Haunted
I play the songs that haunt me. Plus, I geek out over Transformers on DVD and talk about the World Waterpark.

Episode 68: AV Cables
I chat about the ticket prices for the Olympics, share the tale of how I got my mother addicted to video games, and get a very special phone call from Optimus Prime.

Episode 67: Back to the Grind
Well, I’m all out of live on location shows, so it’s back to the studio! And by studio, I mean my rented basement.

Episode 66: Scarecrow Goes to Jasper
Live on location from Jasper! I visit all my favourite sites, and tell you all about them.

Episode 65: The Royal Tyrrell Museum
Live on location from Drumheller! I visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and share my thoughts on some of the displays.

Episode 64: The Cool Down
The experts say that it’s not too healthy to jump back into work as soon as you get back from vacation… that you should take a day or two to have a cool down period. Hence, this show.

Episode 63: Vacation!
I’m on vacation! I tell you the complete plans I’ve been working on for the past few months and share my summer reading!

Episode 62: Request Show #2
I go digging through my hard drive, and find a couple of requests I haven’t played yet! Sounds like it’s time for another request show!

Episode 61: 10 Seconds at a Time
It’s a short show this week as I complain about my landlord, give you the Indiana Jones update, and celebrate a special anniversary.

Episode 60: Lots of Stuff
I talk about “Weird Al” Yankovic’s upcoming projects, show off my new digital camera, continue planning my upcoming vacation, and reflect on my high school grad.

Episode 59: The Simpsons Show
I go see The Simpsons Movie and offer up my thoughts on this cornerstone of pop culture.

Episode 58: The Second Weird Al Show
I got to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert! AND I MET HIM!! AND GOT MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM!! I tell you all about it.

Episode 57: Athabasca Pottermania
I thought I’d hit the streets of Athabasca and find signs of mania for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and boy was I surprised when I found some!

Episode 56: Here I Am
I ruminate on my 30th birthday, tell you what I got, and introduce some new words to the dictionary.

Episode 55: Crime of the Double Dip
I take you into the seedy world of DVDs, where I explain extended cuts, double-dipping, and just generally complain about it all.

Episode 54: Vinyl
I take advantage of my father’s new toy to play some old records for you! I also tell you why high school kids will never have to read another book, and give you the Spice Report.

Episode 53: More Memories of Kumagaya
Once again, I take a moment to remember my lost year…my year in Japan.

Episode 52: Big Party in River City
We come to you live from Red Deer, as I take you to my sister’s college graduation!

Episode 51: Dinosaur Postcards
I discuss the merits of Jones Soda, whine about Subway’s plan to start selling pizza, and start figuring out what do for my summer vacation!

Episode 50: The Big Blue Water Bottle
I launch in to an analysis of “pop culture reference as joke,” give props to one of the greatest technological innovations of the decade, and wish Star Wars a happy 30th anniversary!

Episode 49: The Glass Tulip
I talk about the Facebook revolution, complain about Shrek 3 and clean my toilet.

Episode 48: From the Mall
My first show live on location from West Edmonton Mall! I take in Free Comic Book Day and see Spider-Man 3.

Episode 47: Spider-Show
It’s the last show before Spider-Man 3! So I talk endlessly about the Spider-Man movies.

Episode 46: Me Time
I sat down and took some “me time” yesterday. I tell you all about, and share some of my favourite “me time” tunes!

Episode 45: Drive
They tell me a good way to practice your announcing is to narrate what you see while you’re driving. And that’s exactly what I do!

Episode 44: Movie Day!
I go on location to give you my movie reviews of TMNT and 300!

Episode 43: Fancy Thoughts
In spring, a young man’s heart turns to thoughts of fancy. Here’s some of my fancy thoughts.

Episode 42: Toons and Tunes
I talk about upcoming animated films (the toons) and play some music (the tunes)!

Episode 41: 15 Free Minutes
I’m really busy this weekend, so I slapped this together in my free 15 minutes.

Episode 40: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Just like a chocolate chip cookie, this week’s show is a sweet and tasty treat.

Episode 39: Out in Athabasca
It’s my first on-location show! I head out into the streets of Athabasca and tell you about the local landmarks.

Episode 38: Family Day Party
As I do every year around this time, I share the tale of why we celebrate Family Day. And, I share the latest developments on Vancouver 2010.

Episode 37: More About Movies
I tell you all about Athabasca movie night, and go through my angst in weather I should buy myself a Surround Sound system. I’m obsessed, I tell you. OBSESSED!

Episode 36: Romance and Junk
I share some of my views on romance, tell a few of my stories that I heard from friends of friends, and play some songs to get you “in da mood.”

Episode 35: Hopeless Addict
I bought more DVDs. I bought lots more DVDs. I take a moment to tell the world all about them!

Episode 34: Music to Change Continents By
So, one of my best friends is getting ready to make the move from Scotland to Australia. I promised her a special episode to listen to on the plane. This is that episode.

Episode 33: Hippity Dippity
I run into an old friend at West Edmonton Mall, extol the virtues of Clone High, and say hi to my Mom, who’s now a listener!

Episode 32: Aftermath
I tell you what I got for Christmas, and burn off the last of the Christmas songs…including that one I’ve been promising all December…I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas!

Episode 31: One Week to Go
It’s a real CanCon Christmas, as I play some Christmas tunes by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. Plus, I was poetic about the DVD release of Clerks 2!

Episode 30: For Real
As promised, here’s the highlight reel from my first real on-air stint at a real radio station!

Episode 29: Farmboy Strikes!
I reflect on the Tory leadership race, talk about what I’ll be getting you for Christmas, and play the first Christmas song of the season!

Episode 28: Epics
A couple of 5-minute epic songs, and my thoughts on the Tory leadership race, Buy Nothing Day, and Panda mating habits.

Episode 27: Shiny New DVDs
Just like a little kid showing off his toys, I have to tell you about all my new DVDs!

Episode 26: ET Phone In
I’m just dead tired, so I kinda phoned it in this week. However, I do have my first-ever special guest, so at least listen to her!

Episode 25: BoredBeatleMania
Once again, I’m kind of gripped with a certain melancholy. And there’s no better way to get over it than talk about Christmas, new animated movies, joining Possum Lodge, and playing lots of Beatles songs.

Episode 24: Halloweentown
It’s Halloween, so I can do what I always do: bust out songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas! I also muse on Halloween, Christmas, Jack Skellington and Bob & Doug McKenzie. Just another Halloween for me.

Episode 23: A Bit of This
Good show, this week. I talk about Christmas albums, The Little Mermaid, Participaction, and naughty things. And I slip in a classic song or two from my childhood.

Episode 22: The Weird Al Show 1
To celebrate “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album, nothing but Weird Al songs! And 75% stuff off the new album, Straight Outta Lynwood.

Episode 21: The Bat Show
Something I’ve been planning ever since I started this…it’s nothing but songs from the Batman movies! And, in between, I wax poetic about the Dark Knight.

Episode 20: Vulgarity
I play all the swear-stuffed and dirty-joke-ridden songs I could never play on the radio. It’s goes without saying that this one’s not safe for work.

Episode 19: Jar Jar’s Big Adventure
So, bought Star Wars on DVD again. Here’s where I outline my DVD buying philosophy, and crank up some Star Wars tunes.

Episode 18: Summer Movies 2007
Now that the summer movie season of 2006 is over, I look ahead to the summer movie season of next year, and count down what I’m most looking forward to.

Episode 17: A Story to Tell
This time, I try something new. I tell you the tale of years-long quest to get a multiregional DVD player…and I throw in some tunes to pass the time.

Episode 16: DVD Lament
I have a job! I have expenses! I can’t buy more DVDs! I whine about it. And, I throw in a little OutKast and the latest by “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Episode 15: Slapdash
My weekend plans changed quickly and drastically, so here’s something I pieced together super-quick. I share a few stories about work, and bust some Geri Halliwell and a little more Nelly Furtado.

Episode 14: Road Trip!
I reflect on that joy that I used to do every summer vacation, the road trip. Back in those days, I’d always make a mixed tape to bring on the road…think of this one as my mixed tape for 2006.

Episode 12: Glassware
For a guy who doesn’t drink, I have quite a collection of beer glasses. I share the tales of how I got them. And, play some Smash Mouth and Nelly Furtado.

Episode 11: Happy Belated Birthday
My high speed Internet’s back up and running, so I’m back! I bust out the special birthday episode I was hoping to do three weeks ago…you know, when it really was my birthday.

Episode 10: As Seen on TV
I crank up some of the catchier tunes from TV commercials right now, like that one from that Zeller’s commercial, and the song from the Clerks II trailer.

Episode 9: Lax-a-daisy
I take her easy this week…I play a few cuts from the soundtracks for Cars and Corpse Bride, and share my wacky misadventures of small town living.

Episode 8: Two Fer
Two “Weird Al” Yankovic songs…two George Harrison songs…and all the other foolishness you’ve come to expect from me.

Episode 7: Kinenbi – the Japaniversary
It’s the annual celebration of my time in Japan! I share some tales of my adventures that I haven’t told yet, and I play a bunch of songs that always take me back to Kumagaya! Oh, and no J-Pop…save for what I butchered to make my intro.

Episode 6: Stuck
All those songs that have been stuck in my head for the past week…well, I finally get them out. I also take a moment to rhapsodize about the new Batwoman and share fond memories of Galaxy Angel!

Episode 5: Request Show #1
I got my first batch of requests! Tune in and listen to YOUR music!

Episode 4: A New Hope Job
Back from the hiatus, and it’s time to party and celebrate my first job in radio! I fill you in one what my job entails, and play lots of party music.

Episode 3: Moving Day
Something slapped together in between packing up to move to my new job!

Episode 2: Who Ya Gonna Call?
I wax poetic on Ghostbusters, the new rides at Walt Disney World, and crank up lots of tunes from one of the greatest movie franchises of the 80s.

Episode 1: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
I celebrate the simple things in life, say good-bye to The Red Green Show, and play some Barenaked Ladies and Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Episode 0: My New Mop
I kick off this whole endeavour. It can only get better from here!

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