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Episode 8.12: The Coffee Can of Destiny

Wowee wow!  I’m back!  In my last episode, I said I’d be back in two U62: The Targweeks.  But then, life got in the way, two weeks turned into four, and I finally had a weekend to myself to sit and record a podcast!  So, what do I have for you on Episode 8.12: The Coffee Can of Destiny?

  • As is tradition, I explain where I’ve been for the past few weeks.  Lounging in a hot tub, my aunt came to visit, I went back to Athabasca and Fort Edmonton Park!
  • Thanks to the various streaming video services, I’ve been binging on Quantum Leap and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Another installment of “Mark Tastes Random Things,” as I sample the McLobster for your pleasure!
  • And, a few quick thoughts on Jurassic World

And that’s what’s in store on Episode 8.12: The Coffee Can of Destiny!

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Episode 8.11: Titles Are Hard

Eventually, I’ve got to do a podcast like this.  I clean out my show prep file and just find all the little scraps of stuff I wanted to talk about, but it slipped my mind.  Then, when I’m stuck for what to talk about, i just grab all those forgotten scraps.  So what scraps make up Episode 8.11: Titles Are Hard?

  • I saw the Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself on Netflix, and share my reminiscings about Mr. Ebert.
  • Sighting View-Master reels for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in a museum leads to ranting about the history of View-Master
  • Telling the tale of the Justice League movie we almost got from the director of Mad Max
  • How all those videos games that have the action figure tie-ins (i.e. Disney Infinity) are really starting to tickle my fancy

Plus, I once again recount the tale of how I made my best friend.  I’ve blogged about it, but I felt like telling it once again.

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Episode 8.10: Hooker Bike

Summer is truly upon us!  I’m wearing shorts and showing off my sexy U62: The Targlegs!  And on days like today, nothing like loading up the MP3 player with podcasts and heading out into the world!  And what better podcast than mine, and this week’s episode, Episode 8.10: Hooker Bike?  Ramblings on this week’s episode:

  • My latest discoveries on Shomi, heading into reminiscing about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and my gritty reboot plans for The Edison Twins.
  • My thoughts on the new Transformers writing committee, and the new method of mapping out franchises
  • Gushing about the Flash season finale

That, and a song of the show, and various tangents I go off on.

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Episode 8.09: My Biggest Fan Takes Batteries

U62: The TargHappy May Long Weekend!  As the song says, “Ain’t nothing better in the world you know/Than lying in the Sun with the radio.”  And in this day and age, stuff that radio with podcats!  Preferably, mine!  What rants and ramblings do I have in Episode 8.09: My Biggest Fan Takes Batteries:

  • More obsessing about Shomi.  Yes, I reactivated my account to try the Apple TV app.
  • Geeking out about these lovely new collectables known as the ReAction figures
  • Reflections on the old Star Wars: Droids cartoon

And, perhaps the biggest bit in the show.  I offer up my reactions to the biggest movie trailer that was released this week.  Yes, I rant about the Jem and the Holograms trailer.

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Episode 8.08: Make Mine Superheroes

Well, it’s nothing but superhero news and various ramblings on this U62: The Targweek’s episode of The Targ, hence the title, Episode 8.08: Make Mine Superheroes.  What do I ramble about?  Well….

  • I do something I haven’t done in ages!  I fire up my digital voice recorder and offer my thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron as the credits roll in the theatres!
  • From there, the news about the epic cast of Captain America: Civil War
  • An update on DC’s TV universe, with the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl TV series.

I also begin lamenting shutting down my Shomi account…as they finally launch an Apple TV app.  Is this a game changer in Canada’s upstart streaming video services?

And that’s what I ramble about on this week’s Targ!

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Episode 8.07: 1999 All Over Again

Well, gang, it’s the start of a brand new week, so that means it’s time U62: The Targfor a whole new episode of The Targ!  Kinda didn’t know what to talk about this week, but I think I got a show together.  In Episode 8.07: 1999 All Over Again, I ramble about

  • News on the Avatar sequels and Jurassic World
  • Some of the problems I ran into with Shomi
  • Some Star Wars news, as I share the latest developments on the Star Wars Anthology spinoff films
  • And, some happy reminiscing about standing in line for hours on end for Episode I.

All this and more on this week’s episode!

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Episode 8.06: Lower Levels Love Me

A new week is here, and that means another episode of U62: The Targ U62: The Targto tickle your earbuds!  Not much tickling, though, as there’s a lot of complaining and grousing in Episode 8.06: Lower Levels Love Me.  What do I complain about today?

  • Blu-rays that won’t play!  Darn you, technology, for not working!
  • A Spider-Man animated film franchise!  Are we going to get Spider-Man oversaturation?

But then, the complaining ends!  What good stuff do I applaud?

  • Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix is so good, you guys.
  • West Edmonton Mall has brought back the whale!

All this and more on the latest Targ!

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Episode 8.05: 7 Days in the Making

U62: The TargA brand new week means a brand new episode of U62: The Targ!  And I needed to do an episode this week, because there’s lots of good stuff to talk about.  Especially the trailers!  So many good trailers!

  • Hear my thoughts about the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman v Superman, Ant-Man, and Terminator Genisys!
  • We’ve got another installment of Mark Tastes Random Things.  This time, hear me chow down on Tim Hortons Nutella donut, and I extoll the joys of Nutella!
  • And, because unboxing videos are all the rage, I even do an unboxing.  A friend of mine bought me a present online from China, so I tear open the package and find out what he sent me.

All this and more in Episode 8.05: 7 Days in the Making!

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And if you want to watch all the trailers I geek out about, they’re right here!

And I talk about how embarrassing my original Episode I review is because of how much I loved it.  That’s right here.

Episode 8.04: Only a Tribute

And we’re back!  After a week off for Easter, and we’re here and U62: The Targpodcasting once again!  This time, I bring you Episode 8.04: Only a Tribute.  What are this week’s rambles?

  • Star Wars has been released on digital platforms!  Is it worth buying again?  Will I buy it again?
  • The Doctor Who speech!  Whenever someone points to the Doctor Who button on my parka, and asks, “Who’s that?” I launch into this speech about Doctor Who
  • And upon the passing of James Best, some reminiscing about watching The Dukes of Hazzard when I was a kid.

All this, and more, on this week’s episode of U62: The Targ!

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Episode 8.03: Secret Origins

I’ve only just started the podcast up again, and already I’m taking unexplained absences.  Sorry there was no show last week.  I had to put in some overtime at work and then family came to visit.  But I’m back!  And I’ve brought Episode 8.03: Secret Origins.

  • I once again wade into the “music or no” debate on the podcast, going into the secret origins of the podcast.
  • Recapping the Marvel news of the week, as there’s been a lot of new about their films.
  • Sharing my general thoughts on the Hobbit trilogy, as my Blu-Rays arrived the other day.

But the big thing is doing another installment of Mark Tastes Random Things.  I had a friend visit Japan back in the summer, and he brought me back some legendary Japanese Kit Kats.  They’d been sitting in the back of my fridge since July, so if this is uploaded, I didn’t die.

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