Episode 10.07: The Bright

Time for a few more rants and raves from me in these days of spending most of your time at home. But I always spent most of my time at home anyway, so it’s nothing new. As mentioned last week, I got new glasses! So I just sit in amazement and be able to see. I dust off Mark Tastes Random Things, as I sample a Misty Freeze from Dairy Queen. Over in The Streaming Report, I tell you about The Simpsons on Disney+. And I just watched the big rocket launch on TV, and offer some thoughts on that.

All in Episode 10.07: The Bright!

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Episode 10.06: The Heights of Boredom

We’ve got another new week, so that means it’s time for a new podcast, and here it is!

Still doing my best to survive in these trying times, which makes me do random things around my house, such as re-cataloging my DVDs. But before that puts you to sleep, I tell you that we’re finally getting a whole new version of Justice League. Over in the Streaming Report, I tell you my thoughts on a couple of classic movies I finally streamed, plus my thoughts on the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Oh, and I’m also getting new glasses!

And that’s everything that’s going on in Episode 10.06: The Heights of Boredom.

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Episode 10.05: Where I’m At

And here we go again with a brand new episode of The Targ. Since podcasts started as audio blogs, I go into blogging territory as I vent about my car and how it’s been giving me grief lately. They’ve just announced yet another new Star Trek series, so I tell you all about that and all the other Star Trek shows that are coming. In The Streaming Report I give my new Blu-Ray of Birds of Prey a spin. And I get nostalgic about the Studio Ghibli Museum.

And that’s what’s all on deck in Episode 10.05: Where I’m At

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Episode 10.04: My New Shoes

Another new week means I’ve got another new episode of U62: The Targ as I keep myself occupied during this times of self-isolation. I’m still managing to get out and go for walks to get some exercise, and I was poetic about that. Hence the title of this week’s show.

I also recap the Star Wars news that came out of Star Wars Day, take you down the rabbit hole that is Disney Theme Park vlogs, and in the streaming report, I catch-up on sci-fi by binging Ex Machina, Arrival, and Annihilation.

So give it a listen!

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Episode 10.03: Talkin’ ‘Bout Star Wars

Well, this episode is going to be going up the week of Star Wars Day, so what better topic than Star Wars?

You have to admit, the ’10s have been a pretty good decade for Star Wars. We got five new movies, two new animated series, our first live-action series, and a whole bunch more. So I give you my thoughts on all of it: what I thought of the sequel trilogy, in The Streaming Report, I offer my thoughts on The Mandalorian and the revival of Clone Wars, and this shocking new trend of the disdain for the sequel trilogy leading to a new appreciation for the prequels!

All this week in Episode 10.03: Talkin’ ‘Bout Star Wars!

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