Deadpool 2

Directed by David LeitchDeadpool 2 poster

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, and Brianna Hildebrand


With the way superhero films dominated the box office these days, we were primed for a superhero spoof.  The first Deadpool filled that bill quite nicely.  With Deadpool’s wisecracks and fourth-wall-breaking commentary, it was perfect.  And it was a gigantic hit, so of course, a sequel was greenlit, bringing along some of Deadpool’s pals from the comics, like Cable.  But, as is the trend with comedies, can the sequel be as funny as the first film?  Well, time to head down to the box office and find out.


After the events of the first film, Deadpool has become a globe-trotting superhero, taking down the worst of the worst, and always coming home to his beloved Vanessa.  But, tragedy strikes, as some vengeance-seeking villains manage to kill Vanessa.  His heart broken, Deadpool goes on a quest to find new meaning in his life.  It appears as though he finds it in Russell, a young mutant with the ability to control fire.  When the time-travelling mutant Cable comes to the present to kill young Russell, Deadpool makes it his mission to protect Russell.  In order to do so, Deadpool forms his own team, X-Force, consisting of the very lucky Domino, the alien warrior Shatterstar, the acid-spitting Zeitgeist, and the powerless Peter.  Will X-Force be able to save Russell from Cable?  What’s Cable’s deal, anyway?

What I Liked

Ryan Reynolds, once again, just nails it as Deadpool.  He captures the character’s quips so perfectly.  There’s some absolutely hilarious set pieces, with X-Force’s first disastrous battle being a standout.  Everyone in the cast is good, with Zazie Beetz being a wonderfully charming Domino, and Josh Brolin an appropriately gruff Cable.  Some great joke cameos as well, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first R-rated film score.

What I Didn’t Like

Well, there are some moments that aren’t as funny as the others, and they tend to drag a bit.

Final Verdict

Probably as funny as the first, and truly a very entertaining outing for Deadpool and gang.  I liked it.

3 Nibs

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