July Special: The Return of Crystal Pepsi

Had to take a break from my hiatus for a special installment of U62: U62: The TargThe Targ.  More specifically, a special installment of my segment “Mark Tastes Random Things.”  What random thing did I have to taste?

Crystal Pepsi.

I loved Crystal Pepsi back in the day.  It was Pepsi…THAT WAS CLEAR!  It was so awesome.  I personally felt it didn’t taste exactly like Pepsi.  When it went away, I was sad.  When I first launched this website, I had a page dedicated to my love for Crystal Pepsi.  I longed for its return.  So, when they announced it was coming back, I was elated.

When I got my hands on my first bottle, I knew I had to share it with you.  So I drink it live on the air, and tell you all about it.

So enjoy, The July Special: The Return of Crystal Pepsi!

Download here!

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