Movie Review – Tomorrowland


Directed by Brad Bird

Starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key, and Thomas Robinson


Tomorrowland was one of those films that tried to be all dark and mysterious about it’s origins and what it’s about.  They announced this project about 3 years ago by unveiling a big box of retro-futuristic stuff and asking, “What does it all mean?  How does it all tie together?  Gotta see the movie!”  But I had faith, for behind the camera was Brad Bird, who made my all-time favourite movie, The Iron Giant.  That alone would be enough to get me to see it.


Casey Newton is a bright young woman with an almost instinctual knowledge of how things work.  She’s also a dreamer, with hope and optimism for the future.  It’s such qualities that soon lead a mysterious girl named Athena to give Casey a special pin.  By touching this pin, Casey is given visions of “Tomorrowland,” a city where all the best and brightest of society can gather and literally shape the future.  But, Tomorrowland is in jeopardy.  With the help of a jaded Tomorrowland exile named Frank Walker, our three are off on a quest to return to Tomorrowland and save it, before the whole world suffers.

What I Liked

Brad Bird really knows how to put together an action scene, as the action scenes are quite exciting.  There’s some great visuals involving rocket ships and Tomorrowland itself that are just spectacular.  And young actress Raffey Cassidy is wonderful as Athena, making her just the right blend of mysterious and matter-of-fact.

What I Didn’t Like

Well, it’s got your rather routine “chosen one” plot, and while I did appreciate the film’s message (“Let’s start being positive about the future again!”) it did get kind of preachy at times.  Especially near the end.  And I’m still not quite sure on the villain’s motivations

Final Verdict

It was OK, but from the director of my favourite movie of all time, I was hoping for a little more.

3 Nibs

Episode 8.11: Titles Are Hard

Eventually, I’ve got to do a podcast like this.  I clean out my show prep file and just find all the little scraps of stuff I wanted to talk about, but it slipped my mind.  Then, when I’m stuck for what to talk about, i just grab all those forgotten scraps.  So what scraps make up Episode 8.11: Titles Are Hard?

  • I saw the Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself on Netflix, and share my reminiscings about Mr. Ebert.
  • Sighting View-Master reels for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in a museum leads to ranting about the history of View-Master
  • Telling the tale of the Justice League movie we almost got from the director of Mad Max
  • How all those videos games that have the action figure tie-ins (i.e. Disney Infinity) are really starting to tickle my fancy

Plus, I once again recount the tale of how I made my best friend.  I’ve blogged about it, but I felt like telling it once again.

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