Halloween Special: Gimmie Some Candy!

And we’re here!  That start of Series 6!  Or not.U62: The Targ

Still unwilling to commit to a brand new series of podcasting, but I have stuff I want to ramble about, so that’s as good a reason as any to dust off the old microphone and put together a radio play.

And that brings us to Halloween Special:  Gimmie Some Candy!  Topics in this episode include various Star Wars ramblings, with a particular focus on the recent opening of Star Wars Identities in Edmonton.  (No, I did not go.  I instead express my desire to go.)  As I previously blogged, I finally got an iPhone, so a I ramble about that.  And I’ve seen that episode of MythBusters with James Cameron, as they talk about various myths from Titanic.  And I’m sorry, but I think the MythBusters cheated in that episode.

So, just like last time, I’ve got one foot out of bed, but I’m not ready to crawl out from  under the sheets just yet.

Download here!

And on iTunes!

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