Movie Review – I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Directed by Francis Lawrence

Starring Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Salli Richardson, and Willow Smith.


I’ll admit, I was all kind of “meh” towards I Am Legend. Nothing about it really caught my eye. But then, some of the reviews were quite positive, and a couple of my friends were all like, “IT’S THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!” So I thought I’d check it out.


Cancer is cured, thanks to a genetically-altered version of measles that targets and destroys cancer cells. Three years later, the virus has mutated, and turned 90% of Earth’s population into vampire-like monsters. These vampire-things promptly snack on what’s left of humanity, and before long, there’s only one man left: Dr. Robert Neville, one of the army scientists charged with finding a cure. Now, as possibly the last man on Earth, Neville spends his days in a deserted New York, continuing his research for a cure, and spending his nights hiding from the monsters. Will he find a cure? Is he truly the last man on Earth?

What I Liked

This was really good. Will Smith puts in a great performance. The special effects are really good, digitally removing everyone from New York to make it look deserted. The action scenes are all top-notch, and there actually are some truly scary moments.

What I Didn’t Like

Not much, really. Some of the mutant dogs looked a little too computer animated, but that’s about it.

Final Assessment

Really, really good, but I disagree that it’s the greatest movie ever made.

3 Nibs

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