Movie Review – Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Directed by Tim Story

Starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Andre Braugher, Julian McMahon, Kerry Washington, Doug Jones, and the voice of Laurence Fishburne.


Ever since my childhood, I’ve been a sucker for superhero films. Especially now that Marvel Comics is bringing all of their heroes to the big screen. Now, when I saw Fantastic Four two years ago, I was unimpressed. And, with the trailers for the second one, again, I wasn’t impressed. But I still went to see it, because I’m a sucker for those superhero movies.


After three false starts, it looks like the wedding day is finally here for Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman). But then, false start #4 is on the horizon, when a mysterious silver object appears, and the Army calls on the Fantastic Four to investigate. It turns out that silver object is the one, the only, Silver Surfer, and he’s come to start preparing the Earth for his master. And then, Dr. Doom returns, wondering if there’s some way he can capture the Surfer and harness the Power Cosmic. It’ll take all four working together to save the day!

What I Liked

Fantastic special effects…in some areas. I know there’s been some grousing about turning Galactus into a cloud, but when you see it on the screen, they do it in a way that works. And one thing I liked about the first film is retained. Unlike other superhero movies, these guys actually enjoy their powers and enjoy being superheroes. That makes it fun.

What I Didn’t Like

Bad special effects…in other areas. Reed Richards still looks a little too CGI. In fact, the “low budget/Made in Canada” look permeates the film. Sorry, Vancouver, but I can tell you’re not New York. And will Dr. Doom ever be the armor-clad badass he is in the comics, and not just another slick business man? Just wondering. And the Fantasticar is a Dodge? Freakin’ product placement….

Final Assessment

Still not as good as the X-Men movies or the Spider-Man films, but at least it’s better than #1. And you know what? It has a sense of fun to it that most other superhero films are lacking, and that makes it enjoyable.

3 Nibs

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