Episode 51: Dinosaur Postcards

Guess what? The new episode of The Targ is up!

“Holy cow!” you’re saying. “But it always goes up on Sunday! I thought it was Thursday! I must be living…IN THE FUTURE!”

Sorry. Still Thursday.

See, here’s the story. This weekend, I’m heading down to Red Deer. My dear sister is done graduating, and I’m going down to partake in the celebrations. And, since I already did the “I’m taking off for the weekend. No Targ this week.” thing 2 weeks ago, I thought I’d get the new episode up early.

So, a full three days early, you can enjoy Episode 51: Dinosaur Postcards. I get all nostalgic for the 1990s, rip on Subway for thinking about giving us pizza, start musing about what to do for summer vacation, and try to solve one of the greatest puzzles in Alberta.

Download here!

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