So Much Left To Do

Chaos in Print

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I ran my letter of resignation a couple of weeks ago, but I feel I need to expand. I never quite got to leave the Nugget on my terms, as they never told me when the final issue of the semester would be. As such, I never got to do the spectacular “final column” that I was brewing up. Luckily, I’ve still got the website. Ergo, here’s what I wanted to be my final column for the Nugget. Maybe I’ll submit it anyway. Last I heard, no one wanted my job. But I digress.

And another semester has come to an end! What a trip it was! Assuming you were actually interested in the trip. Let’s face it, ever since a few articles about Christians, women, and asthma-sufferers, this paper has gotten somewhat stale. Everyone in the Nugget office – well, no one, really, as editor-in-chief David Fester has been even more invisible than Colin Perillo – has been walking on eggshells, wondering what Big Brother NAITSA will approve for publication. The Nugget has become a pale, Disney-fied version of itself; our school’s very own equivalent of American overreaction to Janet Jackson showing a little nip.

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