A Fairy Tale

Chaos in Print

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince named Goji. Now, Goji’s parents had been after him for some time to get out and do something with his life. After all, he couldn’t spend all his time lounging in the royal basement playing ye olde Xbox. They felt it was time to teach Goji a little responsibility. So, on Goji’s 30th birthday, he was tossed out of the castle and put in charge of the Principality of Butteros.

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Angst Ridden Piece #327

Chaos in Print

I hate starting over. I hate new beginnings. I hate being in the intersection, staring down the road, and taking that first step. Granted, most people find that to be a wonderfully exciting experience. It’s a chance for reinvention; an opportunity to dig deep and find out more about yourself; the overwhelmingly endless outcomes. But not me. I think it sucks. I think it sucks mainly because I’ve been here so many times before.

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I’ve Got Nothing

Chaos in Print

As with far too many of my columns, I find myself just sitting here, waiting for a brilliant idea to strike so I’ll have something interesting and compelling to write. That or I’m just procrastinating. I’ll go with that second one. I mean, I really don’t have to read The Best of Twisted ToyFare Theatre again. But it’s just so funny! I’ve got all four volumes, and they still haven’t re-printed some of my favourites. I hope that ToyFare can iron out something with DC Comics so they can reprint some of the Twisted ToyFare Theatres that had DC characters. Green Arrow had some great moments, and “Spidey joins the JLA” is still one of the best. That’s probably the one that led DC to launch their lawsuit, too. It’s really nothing but Spider-Man going on and on about how crappy DC superheroes are. But yeah. That’s why there are no DC characters in Twisted ToyFare Theatre anymore. DC Comics didn’t like how their characters were being portrayed, so they filed a cease-and-desist order.

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So Much Left To Do

Chaos in Print

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I ran my letter of resignation a couple of weeks ago, but I feel I need to expand. I never quite got to leave the Nugget on my terms, as they never told me when the final issue of the semester would be. As such, I never got to do the spectacular “final column” that I was brewing up. Luckily, I’ve still got the website. Ergo, here’s what I wanted to be my final column for the Nugget. Maybe I’ll submit it anyway. Last I heard, no one wanted my job. But I digress.

And another semester has come to an end! What a trip it was! Assuming you were actually interested in the trip. Let’s face it, ever since a few articles about Christians, women, and asthma-sufferers, this paper has gotten somewhat stale. Everyone in the Nugget office – well, no one, really, as editor-in-chief David Fester has been even more invisible than Colin Perillo – has been walking on eggshells, wondering what Big Brother NAITSA will approve for publication. The Nugget has become a pale, Disney-fied version of itself; our school’s very own equivalent of American overreaction to Janet Jackson showing a little nip.

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