Tales from Boot Camp

Chaos in Print

For the past few months, now, it has been my intent to write an article of epic proportions entitled Boot Camp. See, when I arrived in Japan, the company didn’t send me out to Kumagaya to start teaching right away. Oh, no. First there was an intensive, one week training course where they drilled everything there is to know about teaching into my eager little head, and the eager little heads of about a dozen other trainees. I knew that it would be prime storytelling. But, it is now officially two and a half months since I’ve been in training. Putting pen to paper on Boot Camp has been a difficult process and now, I fear, the time to write it has passed. I just do not feel inspired to write an epic on the subject of my training. Still, there were so many noteworthy incidents that happened to me in training; so many encounters with the people that I met, that I would be amiss if I did not share them.
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