Gomer in the Big City

Chaos in Print

There’s been one drawback to my small town upbringing. Whenever I find myself in a genuinely “big city” environment, I find myself getting self-conscious. There are times when my family will go to a museum, and my personal defenses will go up. We could go to a restaurant that’s a little more upscale than what I’m used to, and I’ll start getting small twinges of fear. I guess the years of my parents saying, “Now be on your best behavior” has manifested itself into the fear of making an ass of myself in new situations. During my whole trip to Vancouver, this fear was dormant, until L revealed the one big plan she had for me on my trip. She was all convinced that I just had to try some sushi. So, since Wednesday was a grey, rainy day, it was on that night that Chuck, L and I set out for her favorite sushi place in town.
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