Why Don’t I Just Quit?

Had an incident with one of the bag boys a few nights ago.

Bag Boy>> Hey Mark! I betcha I’m a bigger trekkie than you!
Me>> Oh? How so?
Bag Boy>> I have all the movies on video.
Me>> I have them all on DVD. (Well, I don’t…yet, but this kid’s an idiot, and I wanted to shut him up.)
Bag Boy>> (visibly stunned) Well, I’ve met Scotty.
Me>> I’ve met Scotty, Uhura, Picard, Riker, Worf, Troi, and Major Kira (Man, Edmonton’s gotta have another convention soon. Those were fun!)
Bag Boy>> I’ve got two Star Trek pins.
Me>> I have six.
Store Manager (who’s been in earshot, listening to this, shouts to the Bag Boy)>> YOU’RE NOT WINNING!
Bag Boy>> Do you have any of the action figures?
Me>> I have a modest collection.
Bag Boy>> Are they still in the boxes?
Me>> They’re mint in package, and currently appraised at $150.
Bag Boy (really long pause)>> I’ve got hockey cards. Over a thousand. They’re worth a lot, too.
Me (annoyance in my voice)>> Good for you.

It’s times like this that I just have to ask the question. Why don’t I just quit?

I had another incident with one of the newer cashiers.

Cashier>> Mark! This customer is asking if we have and widgets. (I forget what the customer wanted, so I’ll say widget.) Do you know if we have any?
Me>> Uhh, I don’t know. You’ll have to call the manager in that department and ask them.
Cashier>> OK. What’s her office phone number?
Me>> Most of the department heads don’t have offices. They just roam around in their departments. Get on the PA system and page her.
Cashier>> The PA system?
Me>> Yeah.
Cashier>> Uhh, could you do it, then?
Me>> Why?
Cashier>> Well, uhh, I’m afraid of public speaking, and, uhh, on the PA system, people will hear me.
Me>> What? Are you telling me that you can’t get on the PA system and say two sentences?
Cashier>> You don’t understand! I did it once, and I turned beet red! I was so embarrassed that people were hearing my voice….
Me>> Just do it. It’s two sentences. It’s not going to kill you.
Cashier>> Why can’t you do it for me?
Me>> I’m not going to do something that you are fully capable of doing. Just pick up the phone and page her.
Cashier>> I don’t wanna!
Customer>> Well, if it’s going to be this much trouble then, don’t bother.

And the customer walked out of the store. Again, I have to ask. If the majority of my co-workers are morons, why don’t I just quit?

I had this incident with one of the teenaged cashiers.

Me>> Hey! This delivery’s ready to go! Call a cab and tell them to come and get it.
Cashier>> What’s the phone number?
Me>> 555-5555 (Well, it’s not that, but I don’t want to get sued.)
Cashier>> OK. Then what?
Me>> What do you mean, “then what?”
Cashier>> Well, what do I say to them? (Really sarcastic tones) “Hi! I’d like a cab!”
Me>> (mouth open in disbelief) YES!
Cashier>> Really? That’s all I do?
Me>> Yes. Now could you do it please?
Cashier>> Well…I can’t.
Me>> Why not?
Cashier>> I’m shy. I can’t talk to a complete stranger.

Eventually, I got disgusted with him and did it myself. But when this is the quality of co-worker I have, I’ve got to ask, why don’t I just quit?

I don’t quit, because. I have $20,000 in student loans. Despite being well-educated, Extra Foods are the only ones who’ll have me. I don’t want to spend another year unemployed looking for something “better.” I’ve gotten addicted to this thing called “money.” I’d like to get out of my parents’ basement someday, and it’s not going to happen while I’m unemployed. I’ve tried searching for other jobs. Extra Foods is the only one who’ll have me for now. I’m surrounded by stupid management, stupid co-workers, and stupid customers. I can do more than this job. But I can’t just quit. Not yet.