Movie Review – Pokémon the Movie 2000

Pokémon the Movie 2000

Directed by Kunohiko Yuyama; English translation directed by Michael Haigney.

Starring the voices of Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Addie Blaustein, and Phillip Bartlett.

When I reviewed Pokémon: the First Movie, I couldn’t help but make comparisons to Transformers: The Movie. Well, all those little Poke-freaks got something we TransFans never did: a sequel. And this time, I decided to pay the full $7 to see it at Silver City.

Like The First Movie, it’s a double feature of sorts. It starts off with Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure, in which Pikachu, Togepi, and the gang tumble into a hidden valley populated with nothing but pokémon, and have a day of fun trying to get out. Then, our main feature starts: Pokemon: The Power Of One. We are introduced to Jirarudan, a pokémon collector with a devious scheme. When the three titans of fire, ice, and lightning are brought together, they will have the pokémon battle to end all battles. And I mean it, their battle will end the world! Fortunately, it is prophecised that Lugia, the titan of water, will rise to quell the fighting, but will only succeed with the help of a chosen one. Jirarudan seeks to capture Lugia to complete his collection. Enter our heroes, Ash, Misty and Tracey. With their new friend Melody, they seek to stop Jirarudan and stop the fighting. And did I mention that Melody openly hits on Ash, much to Misty’s chagrin? Well, she does. Is Ash the chosen one? Can he complete the quest required to help Lugia? Will Misty admit to her true feelings for Ash? Will Team Rocket renounce their evil ways and help to save the world?

Ultimately, two things make this better than The First Movie. 1) It’s not preachy at the end. 2) No sickeningly sweet pop songs underscoring the climax. A lot more of the Pokemon universe has been revealed, so the American translators feel more comfortable making a few in-jokes for fans. Hell, those cards that kids collect even figure into the plot! It has a stronger story than the first, and feels free to take a more jokey attitude. While not destined to be a classic, it’s a treat for fans. And I said this with The First Movie, and I’ll say it again: anime just looks good on a big screen

One final note: I’ve seen X-Men twice, and failed to spot Colossus. I’ve seen Pokémon 2 only once, but managed to spot all 3 of Brock’s cameos!

3 Nibs (although its somewhat biased)

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