Movie Review – The Matrix

The Matrix

Directed by The Wachowski Brothers

Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Jon Cypher.

Wow! My first movie review in a dog’s age! I hope I haven’t gotten rusty! Anyway, my parents let me the family car for a week, so a couple of buddies and I went on cheap Tuesday to see The Matrix, the latest visual effects filled extravaganza!

With growing fears over spoilers, I’ll try to keep the plot summary as brief as possible. Keanu Reeves plays Neo, computer programmer by day, hacker by night. He is soon contacted by super-hacker Morpheius (Fishburne), who reveals to Neo that humanity has been enslaved by an artificial intelligence, and that all of reality is a VR program called “The Matrix” designed to keep us docile. Morphius and his followers believe that Neo is “the chosen one,” who will lead humanity out of bondage and into freedom. So, is Neo the chosen one? Can they free humanity from the AI agents who police the Matrix?

First off, the visual effects just rock! They were mind-blowing! How they serve the plot is, well, since reality is a computer program, they do little re-programming to reality. Unlike most visual effects extravaganzas, this one actually has a plot that makes you think. Is what we call real real? And Trinity (Moss), one of the followers of Morpheius, is just so hot! All in all, a great film, and a shway warm-up to Episode I.

4 Nibs